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    3 weeks ago

    11/15 is Bork Man’s birthday! And – it’s been a year since I opened the site! Now, I’m gonna have to stop you there – I did mention it was only “soft-launching” – I knew it was going to be tough doing regular updates while juggling a full-time job and life; so I’m sorry for the extreme lack of content 🙁 I also partly blame 2020 and its groove-busting jerk moves.

    I’m picking things back up now though, I’m ready! And, I’ve successfully migrated the TYN site to a new hosting server! Yay! (Couldn’t afford to renew at my old one hehe) So, please just sit back and watch the bork vibes flow! Thank you so much for your (extreme) patience and support, it’s super appreciated!

    #iknowimslow #plzbearwithme

    Sun, November 15 2020 01:13 PM

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