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Page 07 The Emperor has Clothes Posted 12.15.19

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  • Announcement January 01 2020

    Happy New Year!

    Cheers to a new decade! TYN is back to regular programming (if it even knew what regular is from the first place…)

    Posted 9 hours ago
  • Personal December 03 2019

    Settling in…

    Hey hey! Hope everyone is having a great Holiday season so far!
    Just wanted to post this little bit to let you guys know what’s up!

    It’s been a few weeks since TYN started (and we’re only 6 pages in, ahaha I’m a turtle), and as much as I wish I could update more often, I’m finding it a bit hard right now with holiday arrangements and juggling full time work.

    It’s still adjustment period for me with this new comic thing, so far it’s working out and I’m excited, but I just need more time to get settled on a good schedule, and hopefully I can get enough time to make a backlog of pages!

    I’ll do my best, please look forward for new pages!
    Thank you! 😀

    Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Announcement November 15 2019

    Welcome to TYNtown!

    …and the gates have opened! After a long, long time of planning and procrastinating, TYNtown is live (it’s a soft-launch, but yeah)! I’m so excited to share this little passion project with you all, I know some of you have waited like, weeks. Months. A year? Anyway, let me just share some thoughts and let you in on what’s currently planned for TYN now that the lights are on.

    We’re starting it slow

    So… if you’ve taken a look around already, the site is a bit empty. That’s because I wanted to focus on getting the main storyline off the ground.I work a full-time job, so my schedule only allows me to do TYN stuff on my free time (nights and weekends). The story will update on weekends, ideally. Although right now, I might update whenever I finish a new page just to keep the ball rolling, and then switch to a regular update schedule afterwards.

    Aside from the main story, TYN has many other parts – but I’m not going to focus on those now. I want to work on finishing the first chapter at the very least before moving efforts on the other sections. That way, there’s enough material for people to get a feel of what TYN and its characters are all about.

    Please do stay tuned, because there’s a lot planned for TYNtown and its characters.

    It’s our Bork Boy’s Birthday!

    Today, the 15th of November, is also the birthdate of our little bork man, Taemin! I thought it would be nice to open the site on his birthday. I honestly don’t know why I’ve put off TYN for a while – I guess a deadline is really the best motivation. But HEY! I did it! We’re here, and we’re moving forward! Taemin has never been happier. Trust me.

    I also made a little page to showcase the Banana Bork DTIYS entries from earlier this year, please do check all the amazing art out!

    I’m wrapping it up for now – I’m going to continue posting updates / news on my Instagram Stories, so please do follow and turn on the notifications if you want to be the first to know!

    Thanks for reading, and I’m very happy to have you on board!

    Posted 2 months ago
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